What's the "secret ingredient" that's enabled Fastenal to grow from a small-town fastener shop into one of the world's most dynamic and innovative companies? Most members of the Fastenal team would say the answer is our culture, including our deeply-rooted commitment to training, decentralized decision-making, and promotion from within.

We are painting Europe BLUE. Do you want to be part of it? Then contact us today to see how the Blue Team can shape your future and career pathway.


  • Over 95% of our current managers were promoted from within.

  • Develop your set of skills with the Fastenal School of Business.

  • Join us for international travel opportunities for business meetings, fairs and trainings.

  • Fastenal is an equal opportunity employer.

  • We are where you are. 16 European countries are painted in blue.

  • Exponential growth within Europe from 1 to over 80 locations in 19 years.

  • Ciprian M.

    District Manager

    “ We focus on the individual skills and needs and develop training plans to ensure everyone succeeds in what they are good at. Fastenal is the opportunity everyone should look for as it’s focused entirely on: Ambition, Integrity, Teamwork & Innovation. ”

  • Mihaela B.

    Business Development Manager

    “ Each and every task in my job has taught me something new and helped me grow both as a person and professionally. It wasn’t easy, but I loved my job right from the beginning! ”

  • Martyn F.

    Regional Finance Manager

    “ I have been fortunate in Fastenal to visit many countries and work with many talented members of staff, in turn using this to train newer members of staff with the same values and culture I was brought into. ”